Building in Replo

Version History

Sometimes, you may want to restore an older version of a published page - for example, if you've made a mistake in the current version. Replo tracks changes to your pages and saves a version history, so that you can revert to any published version of the page at any time.

When Versions Get Created

Whenever a page is published, a new Replo version is created. Replo stores what the page looked like at that time, and who published the version.

Additionally, whenever a page is restored to an old verion, a new Replo version is created in order to save what the page looked like before the revert.

To View Older Verions of a Page:

  1. In the Replo editor, navigate to the page you want to view versions for
  2. Click the "Clock" icon in the top right corner of the editor, near the "Publish" button.
  3. All versions of the page will be listed in the "Version History" menu.
  4. To view a specific version of a page, click on the version. The preview of the page will update with what the page looked like at the time when it was published.

To Restore an Older Version of a Page:

  1. Find the version you want to revert to in the "Version History" menu.
  2. Select that version and ensure that the preview looks correct.
  3. Click "Restore Page" to restore the page to the old version.