Editing Replo Components


Every component in Replo can have a border, which displays around the component's box (outside of the padding/background, but inside of the margin). You can either edit the entire border, or one side at a time.

Several properties of the border can be edited:

  • To set the color of the border, click the color input and select a color from the color picker.
  • To set the width of the border, click the "Border Width" input and type in the desired width. Larger values mean a thicker border.
  • To adjust the border style (solid, dashed, dotted, etc.), click the "Border Style" dropdown and select the desired style.
  • To adjust whether the border's corners are rounded, use the "Corner Rounding" input or adjust the slider. You can even click the "Individual Corners" button to edit each corner rounding independently!