Getting Started

Creating Your First Replo Page

It's time to get started! To create a Replo page on your Shopify store:

  1. On your project dashboard, click into the project you want to edit
  2. Find the "Pages" section in the top left corner and click the "+" button: Pages button
  3. Fill in the details of the page you want to create (these can all be edited later!)
    1. Your page title
    2. The URL of your page (what comes after "/pages" when the user visits your page)
    3. Whether your page is published and visible to users of your Shopify site
    4. Whether you want to make the page the homepage of your Shopify site
    5. Whether you want the default header and footer from your Shopify site's theme to be displayed

New Page Creation Dialog

Choosing a Template

With Replo, you can either choose from an existing page template, or start from scratch with a completely blank page. After configuring the details for your page, click "Choose Template." When you've picked a template, move your mouse over it and click "Add To Project" to create the page.

Configuring the Page's Settings

If you decide that you want your page to use different settings than it was first created with, just use the Settings button in the header - you can edit all the configuration options of the page just as if you were first creating it.

Settings button in the Replo header