Many Replo customers use Recharge Payments to manage the sale of their subscription products. Replo integrates directly with Recharge to enable adding dynamic Recharge Subscription Widgets to anywhere you show a subscription product in a Replo page.

To add a Recharge Subscription Widget

  1. Navigate to the Replo page you want to add a subscription product to.
  2. Add a Product component and select the product which has a subscription configured in Recharge. See Shopify Product Component for more details.

Customizing the Recharge Widget

Using Recharge

Replo currently supports the built-in Recharge Subscription Widget, which is customizable through Recharge. For more details about customizing the style and color of the widget, see Modifying the subscription widget in Recharge's documentation.

Using custom CSS

Replo supports adding custom CSS to style the subscription widget as per the Recharge Documentation.

To style the subscription widget using CSS:

  1. Select the Recharge subscription widget you want to customize.
  2. In the right-side editor, select "Config"
  3. Select "Edit Code" to open a CSS code editor. Any CSS you edit here will be applied to the widget. For information about what CSS selectors are supported, see the Recharge Documentation.

Recharge Checkout on Shopify

The Replo Recharge subscription widget is currently supported Recharge's Shopify Checkout Integration. If your store uses the legacy Recharge Checkout on Shopify integration, your store can still work with Replo, but you'll need to reach out to so that the Replo team can help you get set up.

Using the Replo editor

Support for full customization of subscription buying experiences through Replo is current in beta. If you're interested in trying it out, please reach out to